Lens mounts

Pekka Buttler, 2022

You may be someone who is happily and monogamously married to one combination of camera and lenses. Or you may be temporarily unattached, and scouting your options. Or you might be … not exactly unattached, but still playing the field. Or maybe you’re even one of those who think all limits are made to be broken… Whatever’s the case, there are good reasons for you to have a general interest in lens mounts.

This page tries to gather together all those JAPB pages and articles that in any way touch upon lens mounts. Welcome.

General articles
An introduction to lens mounts
Identifying a lens’ lens mount
Intermediate mounts
Being strategic with adapters
Set lenses

Articles detailing specific lens mounts:
Canon EF
Canon EX
Canon FL, FD and newFD
Canon R
Canon RF
Contax G
Contax / Kiev
Four Thirds
Fujica X
Fujifilm G
Fujifilm X
Icarex BM
Kiev Automat
Konica AR
Konica F
L mount
Leica M
Leica R
LTM (Leica Thread Mount)
Mamiya (All 7 Mamiya 35 mm SLR lens mounts)
Micro Four Thirds (MFT)
Minolta A (Sony A)
Minolta SR
Nikon 1
Nikon F
Nikon S
Nikon Z
Olympus OM
Pentacon Six
Pentax K
Petri FT
Praktica B
Rollei QBM
Sony FE (including Sony E)
Tamron Adaptall (1&2)
Topcon UV
Yashica AF
Yashica Pentamatic
(and more to come)

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