General articles on gear

This page summaries JAPB’s articles that are related to gear in general. To find JAPB’s gear reviews, go here. JAPB’s articles that are more related to how gear in general works are in the theory section.

General articles about Lenses:

The Nikon Series E [Pekka Buttler, March 2020]
Meyer-Optik Görlitz – the lens manufacturer with the fantastic lens names [Pekka Buttler, June 2022]
Japanese manufacturers’ lens marques (names) [Pekka Buttler, June 2023]
Zeiss Naming logic [Pekka Buttler, June 2023]
A brief introduction to the Soviet lens ‘business’

JAPB Series on lens defects
Part I: Oily blades [Pekka Buttler, May 2020]
Part II: Fungus [Pekka Buttler, June 2020]
Part III: Haze [Pekka Buttler, June 2020]
Part IV: Element separation [Pekka Buttler, June 2020]
Part V: Control ring malfunction [Pekka Buttler, June 2020]
Part VI: Lens surface defects [Pekka Buttler, June 2020]
Part VII: Dust & debris inside lens [Pekka Buttler, July 2020]
Part VIII: Miscellaneous defects [Pekka Buttler, July 2020]

The quick lens test [Pekka Buttler, September 2020]

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