Privacy statement and other legalese.

The makers of JAPB are privacy-conscious individuals who have no interest in tracking you, selling anything to you, or selling your data to third parties.

In line with the legal framework in the area where the site is being designed, we would like you to inform you – dear visitor – of your rights.

Privacy statement

While we have no interest in profiling you, there are some cases in which we come into possessing some data on you. Please let us detail those, and why you should not be concerned.

Through communication

Whenever you decide to communicate with us, we will unavoidably gain some data on you, such as your name or nickname, your email address and the actual content of your message. Obviously you are free to not communicate with us, but that might defeat the point. Similarly, you can give a fake email address, but then we will not be able to reply to you outside of WordPress’ comments function.

However, rest assured that we (those who have administrator access to the site) have no interest in sharing anything you have not wanted us to share, and that whatever data you submit in the form of comments are as secure as the world’s most popular content management system being hosted by a somewhat neurotic, professional EU-based provider can make them.

Also, in case you ever want us to make one of your comments go away, or want us to erase all email communication you’ve had with us, please be in touch.

Through cookies

Yes, uses some cookies, simply to make the site run more smoothly and to help us have an idea of the amount of traffic we’re seeing. We do not gather data through cookies for targeting ads, or for selling your data onward.

We have vetted all those cookies and you can do the same by going to our Cookie Policy and checking the data of each of those cookies over at

Imprint is the non-commercial hobby project of Pekka Johannes Buttler, with the friendly co-operation of some of his friends.
If you feel the need to communicate about the site, you can send your emails to japb[at]

Mr Buttler does not want his home address to be publicly available online, but thanks to the magic of the Finnish postal service, any mail that you send to the following address will reach him perfectly:

Pekka Buttler
FIN-00970, Helsinki

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