JAPB is structured in three main sections: Lenses, Technology and Business.
• The Lenses section focuses on all those articles that pertain either to detailing lenses, comparing lenses, lens mounts or are otherwise directly related to lenses.
• The section named Technology discusses photographic technology, techniques and some of the underlying theory.
• The Business section gathers together all those JAPB articles that relate to specific companies as well as the overall logic behind decisions to manufacture (or not) a specific lens.

See below for a list of Technology-related articles.
Those technologies, concepts and terms that are explainable in a few paragraphs, you will find in the JAPB glossary.

JAPB series on optical flaws and aberrations:

Distortions (optical)
Veiling and Ghosting (flare)
Atypical ghosts
Spherical aberration
Focus shift
Comatic aberration (‘Coma’)
Chromatic aberrations
Field curvature
Uniform colour casts
Partial colour casts
Diffraction (even though it’s not an optical flaw or aberration)

JAPB series on exposure

The components of exposure (and the side-effects)
Working with Exposure (in practice)
Various approaches to exposure automation
EV tables, and how to use them

Other articles:

Effective Aperture
Legacy, Classic and Vintage lenses? What are those?
Practicalities of adapting lenses
Set lenses
Sharpness: Definition AND contrast
What did Nikon change going from Ai to Ai-s