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The first 730 days of JAPB in two paragraphs:

Just Another Photo Blog saw the light of day in March 2020. At that stage I already had some history in various discussions regarding legacy lenses and other photographic gear, and the idea – that it would be nice to have some place to permanently record all the humble opinions and grandiose pontifications – had already been on slow burn for some while. What I had lacked was time. And then, in March of 2020, the world went topsy-turvy, and suddenly I had some time on my hands. Thus, JAPB was born.

But I did not want to start JAPB in a grandiose fashion as I was not sure that I’d find the time and enthusiasm to keep at it. Hence – until today – JAPB’s only existence has been in a subfolder of my legacy domain. Today that has changed as I’ve finished (I think) the migration of the blog to a new hosting and, more importantly, its own domain.

The next nnn days in three more paragraphs:

Being an absolute amateur in website migrations (and being too cheap to solicit an expert), I am far from certain that I’ve done everything correctly. As a result, I cannot guarantee everything works, and if you stumble on something that clearly is not as it should, feel free to send me a message (use the contact form) or leave a comment.

But most importantly, JAPB will not discard its humility. Moving to a domain would have been the perfect occasion for a pretentious rebranding ( and many other fancy domain names remain available), but I feel it is important to continue with what I always wanted to be the JAPB creed: to under-promise and over-deliver – not the opposite. In that context “Just another photo blog” was and remains the perfect name.

So the only real change is having an own domain, and – hopefully – snappier loading times. JAPB will stay solidly non-profit, JAPB still does not take anyone’s money, JAPB will continue to be the sworn enemy of the TL;DR crowd rather than render a hasty opinion, and – should YOU want to contribute – JAPB is very much interested.

Helsinki, 31st March 2022
Pekka Buttler

Picture credits: Jan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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