How to identify a lens mount

Pekka Buttler, may 2020

Looking at many online discussions, this is a perennial question. You might have found a nice-looking lens at a garage sale, or you’ve inherited some lenses, or bought a lot with some oddities in it, and you might want to see how to fit the lens on your interchangeable lens camera (maybe it would be nice, you think).

Whatever the scenario, there are cases in which you need to know what mount (or even, what variant of a mount) a lens has.

Problematically, there are literally hundreds of lens mounts, so identifying them might not always be easy.

To aid you in identifying your lens’ mount, I’ve written a small (in print, its about 50 pages) guide to identifying your lens’ mount. Even though it is not finished (as I said, there are hundreds of mounts), I’ve decided to publish it as it could – even in its current, less than perfect state – help you along.

Enjoy, comment and (if you feel like it) contribute.

P.S. If you’re interested in why there are so many lens mounts, this article might supply the answer.

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