Lens mounts – an introduction (and then some)

Whether you’re one of those photographers who sticks to one ecosystem or one of those who gleefully mixes and matches, the lens mount is a crucial interface.

If you’re one of those who faithfully remains within the boundaries defined by your chosen camera maker, you’ve possible never given a second thought to what makes your body-lens combination click, and why you cannot just combine any lens with your chosen camera body.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the new generation of photo enthusiasts who revels in combining lenses and bodies from different systems, different brands, and – indeed – different millennia then you already know a lot about lens mounts and how to hack the in-built incompatibilities. Even so, you might want to learn a bit more.

In either case, I want to draw your attention to a new article I’ve written about lens mounts in general (and some detail). I’ve logged this article under section theory, indicating that the article takes a more general (and less gear-specific approach). Nevertheless, in this article I give a short background to what lens mounts are, why there are so many different mounts, as well as my personal view on which mounts are worth caring about (as well as a short introduction to each lens mount). Enjoy.

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