JAPB is structured in three main sections: Lenses, Technology and Business.
• The Lenses section focuses on all those articles that pertain either to detailing lenses, comparing lenses, lens mounts or are otherwise directly related to lenses.
• The section named Technology discusses photographic technology, techniques and some of the underlying theory.
• The Business section gathers together all those JAPB articles that relate to specific companies as well as the overall logic behind decisions to manufacture (or not) a specific lens.

General, business-related articles:
The Nikon Series E [Pekka Buttler, 2020]
Meyer-Optik Görlitz – the lens manufacturer with the fantastic lens names [Pekka Buttler, 2022]
Japanese manufacturers’ lens marques (names) [Pekka Buttler, 2023]
Zeiss Naming logic [Pekka Buttler, 2023]
A brief introduction to the Soviet lens ‘business’ [Pekka Buttler, 2023]
A Soviet Nikon ? [Pekka Buttler, 2023]
Soviet serial numbers [Pekka Buttler, 2024]
Soviet Lenses [Pekka Buttler, 2024]

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