A rare glimpse of blue skies

Helsinki currently (9.12.2022) has about 6 hours of daylight to offer, but – for most people what qualifies as daylight here is … dusk? At least the word ‘light’ in ‘daylight’ seems like an exaggeration.

This is not only due to that we’re so far north (beyond 60° N) and the sun’s rays reach us only at a shallow angle, but also because the typical weather in southern Finland this time of year cloudy, typically with not one layer but two or three layers of clouds. In short. It can be darned bleak.

The last stragglers
Bilberries in the snowfield.
Sony ⍺7R2, CZJ Biotar 58/2 (10 blade version) @ f/2, 1/25 s, ISO 160 (colours tweaked in post)

Looking at those exposure values of that image above against an EV table, the result is roughly EV6.
For those that don’t know EV values by heart, EV6 typically is described in global-audience EV charts as: “Bright indoor lighting”, “Home interiors” (for indoor purposes) or “night street scenes” (for outdoor). In no chart is there an EV6 description in the category of ‘daylight’ (Daylight EV values start with 12).

But, and I kid you not, that photo was taken on the 6th December at midday. That’s how little light Nordic photographers typically have to work with this time of year.

That’s why I was so happy when today it seemed to be a rare, at least partially clear day.
As I moreover had reserved a time to get my seasonal influenza and covid-booster shots at the municipal vaccination point, I felt overwhelmingly tempted to spend some time just walking and shooting. Below some shots from my morning walk (which admittedly are from before sunrise).

All shots Sony ⍺7R2 with Nikkor K 28-45 mm f/4.5. All images tweaked (but not heavily edited) in post.

For more of these images (as well as my comments on the lens in question), see the full walk-around.

While I admit having seen my old friend (the sun), I must say that the photography benefited even more from the aspect of having distinguishable clouds.

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