JAPB is structured in three main sections: Lenses, Technology and Business.
• The Lenses section focuses on all those articles that pertain either to detailing lenses, comparing lenses, lens mounts or are otherwise directly related to lenses.
• The section named Technology discusses photographic technology, techniques and some of the underlying theory.
• The Business section gathers together all those JAPB articles that relate to specific companies as well as the overall logic behind decisions to manufacture (or not) a specific lens.

“Stop talking about your lenses and go out and shoot”

A phrase often encountered on photography forums

Well, whether we want it or not, photography depends on the use of gear, especially lenses. Admittedly, some photographers obsess about gear to such an extent that it intervenes with their photography. We (the authors) admit to being that type of photographers. At least to some extent.

We love our lenses and we love photography. But we do not see them to be in conflict. Rather, we see them as two synergistic hobbies.

In the hope of finding a likeminded audience, this section is dedicated to lenses and related discussions. This section is divided into three parts: lens reviews, lens mounts, and other articles on lenses

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