Slowly starting

Pekka Buttler, early April 2020

Slowly, painfully slowly, the site is beginning to take form. Many of the texts already up are texts I’ve been working on for some time (writing while waiting on something or other), but which have – due to the lack of an outlet – remained somewhat rough around the edges. I’ve been doing some of that polishing lately, and while many of the pages are still somewhat from being really finished (especially, many lack illustrations and pictures), I’ve decided to go ahead and publish them, even though I’m going to continue adding to them.

With roughly half a dozen pages “ready” and published, I also have another dozen or so, which are not yet quite ready for publication. During the coming weeks I will be working on some of them, so expect to see the amount of pages and posts here growing.

The foundation of many of the posts and articles you will read here, are musings, thoughts and comments I have made while participating in various online forums. Alternatively, there might be posts which have their basis in ideas I’ve had while skulking around – either in the woods or on many of those same forums.

What I think I’m trying to say is, that while (for the moment) this blog/site is a one-man-show, it is also the result of collective, socially mediated practice. I would not be here writing, if not for my interactions with fellow photographers and gear-heads. Thank you, and feel free to contribute.

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