Breech-lock mount

Breech-lock refers to a type of lens mount which is based on that the lens is inserted straight (not rotated, as with bayonet mounts) into the camera, whereafter a locking ring is rotated to tighten the link. Breech-lock mounts are relatively rare, but especially legacy lens enthusiasts encounter them regularly.

The tightening ring of the breech-lock can be either mounted on the lens (e.g. Canon FL/FD) or on the camera body (Praktina, Pentacon Six). Most Breech-lock mounts typically are based purely on friction, meaning that the tightening ring may loosen in action, increasing the risk of dropping a lens.

Other types of lens mounts:

  • thread/screw mounts
  • bayonet mounts
Pictures of breech-lock mount: open and closed
Breech-lock lens mount (Canon A-1 and FD 55/1.2)
Left picture: lens aligned with body before docking (notice red dots on lens and body aligned)
Right picture: Breech-lock ring tightened (notice position of red dot on breech-lock ring)
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