About JAPB

and Welcome to JAPB (Just Another Photo Blog). For the moment this is a one-man-show, but I/we welcome collaborators. While we do not have the highest ambitions, we do take our writing seriously, and hope to be of use to the online community of people taking in their sights through-the-lens (as well as hard-core gearheads).

There are – for the moment – a couple of things about JAPB you would benefit from knowing: Firstly, If you customarily comment on stuff online with only “TL;DR”, then JAPB may not be for you. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and thorough, and this invariably leads to longish explanations and accounts. Getting a massive word count is not our goal, and we try to avoid being long-winded, but on the other hand, we see a long article or account to be a price worth paying for thoroughness.

Secondly, besides being thoughtful and thorough, we value our integrity. We want to be able to be proud of our contribution to the collective knowledge in our field, and the only way to achieve that is to be very explicit and rigorous in our reviews and comparisons.

How to participate/collaborate?

There are many ways. The simplest way is to leave a comment. We appreciate all sensible comments (and censor all the libellous), we try to answer every question asked, and those comments that offer something constructive (additions or criticism) will be integrated into the actual posts (and credit will be given).

We also try to link you to other worthwhile sources online, and sometimes this results in broken links. Inform us of a broken link, and we’ll try to fix them.

You can also send us material (pictures, article drafts, etc.) as well as all kinds of photo gear (Please tell us if you want it back). If you want us to review something, we will, but do not expect anything beyond an honest opinion (and please consider that this is for the moment a resource-strapped endeavour). We recommend being in touch in advance. Also take into account that everything published in JAPB is published under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY-SA, look up what that means here), so consider this if planning to participate.

JAPB is not meant to generate a profit. One day we hope it may pay for its costs (hosting and bandwidth), but its main purpose is to help others.


Pekka Buttler

I’ve been photographing during four decades, but I try to avoid making money with my camera. In fact, I tend to avoid paid gigs (and people still keep offering them to me).

Photography is a dear hobby and therapy for me. I’m also an utter gearhead, so I have a lot of knowledge about this stuff – both trivia and in-depth. I’ve spent many a night helping other people out online, and instead of re-posting the same comments and tips over and over, I though to publish them on my own terms. The contents of the site reflects this.

My main profession is that of being a researcher in business and IT. While this does mean I take my research seriously, I also started JAPB as a distraction, meaning I will also write stuff based on my own experience (and not only based on sources).