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February 2023 Update

February 2023

So much is happening at JAPB, and because we have not wanted to swamp the front page with a notice for every single page we’ve added, one might easily draw the wrong conclusion that very little is going on.

Au contraire, mon amis.

Below is a short list of every new content that’s been added to JAPB in February 2023. Besides new pages, also a lot of pages have received some updates, especially in the form of added and improved pictures of lenses.

Articles published in February 2023

Intermediate mounts
Being Strategic with adapters
Lens mounts: Canon R
Lens mounts: Canon RF
Lens mounts: Fujifilm G
Lens mounts: Fujifilm X
Lens mounts: Leica M
Lens mounts: Nikon 1
Lens mounts: Nikon S
Lens mounts: Nikon Z
Lens mounts: Sony FE (Sony E)
Lens mounts: T-4/TX
Lens mounts: Tamron Adaptall (1&2)

Data sheets published in February 2023

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 5 cm f/1.5 (for Contax/Kiev)
Nikkor F 2,8 cm f/3.5 (Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-H)

Walk-arounds published in February 2023

None. The weather has been simply dismal, but luckily there is some hope as the amount of light again starts being conducive to photography.

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